Our Story

Our Company was founded by James Ennis in 1972 knowing that there was a better way to service customers in the textiles and supplies industry. He knew there was a better way to provide customers with what they needed, when they needed it.

Ennis Fabric’s first warehouse was a 2,500 ft2 bay in Edmonton where fabrics and supplies were distributed in just Northern Alberta. However, thanks to the continued support from our valued customers, Ennis Fabrics has become an international distributor of globally sourced textiles and supplies.

Today, we have over 9,000 products that are distributed throughout North America and globally from four extensive, full-service distribution centers in Toronto, Vancouver, and Indianapolis. Our fourth distribution center is our wholly-owned 40,000 ft2 quality control and consolidation warehouse in Ningbo China. The Ningbo distribution center is also capable of domestic Asian trading.

Despite almost a half a century of operation, Ennis Fabrics still embodies James Ennis’ original pursuits in providing customer-centric products and service. Ennis Fabrics is designed for your success.


Our Mission

To generate prosperity for our customers.

Our Promise

Ennis Fabrics is designed for your success…
Every aspect of our business is about helping our customers thrive.
And at Ennis, when we make a promise, we keep it.


What you can expect from us

At Ennis, we believe high-quality products, attentive customer service, and operational excellence make us business’s supplier of choice. Here’s how we can contribute to your success and help your business thrive.

Driven to success. We think in terms of solutions. We are focused on how we can make you more successful and not just what products we can sell you.

Supply chain strength. We have built and operate our own supply chain. This ensures you get what you need in a timely, reliable and financially favorable manner.

Speed of service. We provide next day delivery on stock items.

Quality assured. We have built-in quality assurance protocols and advanced logistics capabilities including four, full-service distribution centers worldwide. This ensures you are able to honor your customer commitments and promises.

Support to customers. We provide seamless customer support in your language of choice.

Growth-oriented. We’ve been growing steadily and are well positioned to continue to do so. You can depend on us to continue to earn the right to be your preferred supplier.

Market knowledge. We are organized, trained and well versed in each of the key market segments we serve.

Focus on innovation. We are driven by a quest for ongoing improvement – a better way to do things.


Now you know our story, get to know the current team behind Ennis Fabrics.


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