We have a comprehensive range of padding, pillows, and cushions to accent your home. We can provide you with foam bolsters, cushions made from either polyester or feather, comforter inserts and cushion fibers, just to name a few. 


Felt is a naturally green eco-friendly product that has been in use in the furniture industry for years. It continues to enjoy wide popularity as a matting type of padding. Felt works excellently as a cover over horsehairs or other springy fabrics (such as coirtex) to prevent the resilient fibers from working through the covers. Felt is particularly useful for padding on dining room chairs and padding on general high-stress points on furniture. 


Terylene is used on cut foam cushions or forms as a non-flattening wrap or finish to smooth uneven areas prior to covering. Terylene is not prone to crushing and is easily manipulated to fill in imperfections. As a synthetic, Terylene is a sanitary product and will not support molds, mildews or any kind of parasitic life. Terylene retains given shapes better over time than down fills or some of the lower density foams. 


Our line includes over 3,000 supplies for
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