COVID-19 Products

We carry fabrics (woven, non-woven, and coated) and supplies (elastic, thread, foam, etc.) that can be used to manufacture COVID-19 medical supplies or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). While these products don’t necessarily carry specific medical certifications on their own, we’ve had customers manufacture medical and PPE products using these materials. If you want to help create these items, we suggest that you contact your local health authority for material recommendations and to determine need.

Due to high demand, our inventory levels are rapidly changing. If you view a product in one of these categories that shows zero inventory, please contact our customer service center at ENG 800-663-6647, FR 888-663-6647, (Canada)1-877-953-6647 (USA), or email for the most up-to-date in-stock details.


Disposable Face Masks

Our single use disposable masks effectively block visible objects such as droplets, filtering non-oily particulate matter in the air. The mask absorbs hot air exhaled from the body, leaving skin dry and comfortable. This polypropylene spun-bond, meltblown, non-woven fabric, 3-ply mask is also anti-bacterial and fluid resistant.

Face Shields

This ultra-lightweight face shield is designed to protect your face from spray, saliva, dust and oil, with a high optical clarity. The soft foam headband and elastic band will offer a safe and comfortable fit for long periods of time.

Vinyl Care and Cleaning

Click here for our general vinyl care maintenance tips and recommended cleaning intructions to help increase the life of your vinyl.

DIY Face Masks

Looking to make your own face masks? We have fabrics and supplies that may be appropriate for creating protective face masks and face mask covers. These fabrics are made of cotton, linen, and polyester that offer both filtration properties and comfort. See supplies such as hook and loop, elastic, and thread.


DIY Face Shields

Click the image to view clear plastics, foam, and elastics that may be appropriate for creating protective face shields. View products such as Ultra Clear, Strataglass, and a variety of foams.


High Performance Vinyls

View our highest performing vinyl's that have features such as liquid repellency, easy clean finish, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.


View fabrics and supplies that may be appropriate for creating protective gowns. We have fabrics that are AAMI Level 1 and 2 certified. Also see supplies such as hook and loop, thread, and elastic.


Mattress Covers

Fabrics and supplies that may be appropriate for creating mattress covers. Many fabrics feature liquid repellency, easy cleanability, and anti-bacterial and anti-mildew properties. View products such as Challenger, Premier, RU10, and more.

Divider Curtain Panels

Click the image to view fabrics and supplies that may be appropriate for creating medical-related curtains, such as for dividers between patients. View fabrics such as Sunbrella, Endurepel Shield, clear plastics and supplies such as grommets, thread, and industrial tracks.


Tent and Temporary Structures

View appropriate PVC coated and laminated products and more that may be appropriate for creating medical-related tent structures. View products such as Mercury, Sampson, Ennis 1974 and more.


Shoe Covers

Click the image to view fabrics that may be appropriate for creating protective shoe covers. View products such as elastic, thread, and a variety of cotton and linen fabrics.


Temporary Furniture Cover Materials

Materials that can be used to protect your furniture from stains, excessive cleaning and disinfecting from COVID-19.

Endurepel Shield

Endurepel Shield features liquid repellency, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, and has an easy to clean finish. Endurepel Shield is available on in-stock woven fabrics or can be applied as an after-treatment to most woven fabrics.

Endurepel Armour

Endurepel Armour is available on our healthcare-rated PU Premier, and our PVC Challenger. It features anti-bacterial and anti-mildew properties and an easy-clean finish.