Home Decor

Home decor derives from the French word décorer, meaning to decorate. Today, we see home decor as more than just decorating a room. It is enhancing a home’s aesthetic beauty whilst improving the functionality of a space. Ennis Fabrics comprehensively offers fabric, supplies, drapery, foam, felt and terylene as a part of our home decor category.  



remy fabrics

Fabrics can transform and elevate a space. The texture, color, jacquard or plain nature of a fabric can complement, minimize or highlight certain features. We have fabric for all your home decor needs, including furniture, drapery, and supplies. We pride ourselves on our extensive and high-quality range of fabrics, after all, we design for your success. 


black and white spools of nylon thread

Along with our fabrics, we offer an extensive range of home decor supplies. Our high-quality home decor supplies complement our fabrics by making your life easier. Our home décor supply line covers everything from upholstery supplies to general sewing supplies and includes items such as decorative nails, header tapes, and grommets.

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