Color preferences are unique and inherent. Some believe color preferences are indicative of personality, and others consider color preferences to be a result of societal and cultural influences. Whether it be your clothing, furniture, floors, walls or even your car, your choices are your own, and it is important to express yourself. Everyone will gravitate towards different colors, the Civilization collection is for everyone, so just be you.












Our Knowledge color collection is inspired by nature; here you’ll find the pale blue of a daytime sky or the rich greens of a forest floor. Mimicking nature, a place of serene natural beauty could be the reason so many people find cooler palettes calm and comforting. 


Our Awakening color collection helps you to create happy vibes and a more enthusiastic space with the range of solids and jacquards in warm tones. Awakening is a great palette if you’re aiming to achieve a sense of warmth or coziness in a space. 


Our Wisdom color collection is associated with the air element, an unbiased and adaptable force. Wisdom can evoke power and mystery like a storm, or a sense of calm like a gentle breeze. Mix these neutral tones with bolder colors and elements to have a grounding effect on your environment.





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