Home Decor and Contract - Fall 2019


Beautiful Asher drapery and upholstery fabric

Asher is a gorgeous, multi-purpose fabric that has a soft hand and a heathered wool look. It is the perfect addition to any space to add a touch of warmth and coziness. The range of soft neutrals to deep rich tones allows for versatility and ease
of coordination.

Franklin 2nd Edition

Franklin 2nd Edition new colors!

Franklin’s velvet-look is a timeless texture that brings a sense of sophistication and luxury to any design. Franklin has a beautiful deep, rich texture that features an incredibly soft hand. The color range has now been extended to include 11 new colors, ranging from light pastels to bold darker tones.


McCoy is a heavy textured chenille with high low effects for depth and dimension. Its soft hand and availability of rich colors make McCoy very versatile. Affectionately referred to as the real McCoy, this solid is everything you need to bring depth and softness to your designs.

Mortiz 2nd Edition

Moritz offers a classic tweed texture with contemporary colors. Tweeds are a versatile texture, easily used as either a key design element or as accents. This ever popular fabric now comes in an additional 7 exciting colors, to help you to create your dream design.



Stardust is a heather boucle solid with a dry look. It is constructed with unique textured yarns, which adds interest to this plain. To increase flexibility in coordination opportunities, Stardust has clean and crisp colorations.


Without Borders

Creativity is the lack of restriction in design, the free movement of ideas, and willingness to express yourself. Without Borders facilitates creativity with its range of colors, textures, and designs. This collection is a visual treat with styles to meet everyone’s tastes. Pick a book, have a play, and put your style on display.


Your creative energy will flow through these cool colors to create tranquil design landscapes. This collection focuses on a myriad of designs, an artistic representation of our planet’s modern imagery - where nature meets civilization. Connect the geometric and botanic patterns to create contemporary designs that are both peaceful and edgy.


Delve into the neutral palette of your dreams where design is more focused on texture and touch than it is on color. Demonstrate your personality and unique taste by storytelling with an infusion of angular graphics, edgy design, and tranquil plains. Creativity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to designing with beige, cream, and
taupe tones.


Unleash your creativity and let your designs radiate warmth and happiness with this collection of bright textiles. Warm colors portray spontaneity and positive energy, the perfect complement to your designs. Enjoy a new take on casual style where lively hues marry fresh patterns to channel a charming allure.


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