Home Decor and Contract - Fall 2017


Unleash the spiritual, emotional and physical energies of your Chakra through this extraordinary color collection. Chakra energies have unfathomable depths, pushing us towards a journey of self-discovery and creative peace. Utilize the patterns featured in the Chakra Collection to enhance your personal journey by creating a range of imaginative and poetic looks!


chakra heart fabric collection - Ennis Fabrics

The Heart Chakra is a type of higher energy tied to love, human connections and compassion. The Heart color palette is where we receive our sense of intuition. Its warmth enhances our listening and healing energies, thereby encouraging strong emotional ties.


chakra base fabric collection - Ennis Fabrics

The Base Chakra is a grounding energy that connects you with the earthly world, making this a great book to be inspired by neutrals that symbolize safety, survival, and nourishment from the earth’s energy.

Third Eye

chakra third eye fabric collection - Ennis Fabrics

The Third Eye Chakra symbolizes self-expression, perfection and inner wisdom. Those drawn to these cool, calming colors are intuitive, spiritually capable, and experienced in the world of dreams and the subconscious.


Endurepel™ Fundamentals

Endurepel™ Fundamentals is our versatile collection of best-selling plains and textures stocked with Endurepel shield finish. With a wide color range to choose from and contract-rated specifications, each fabric will stand up to the most stringent project requirements. Alongside the fabrics’ inherent high-performance specifications, each SKU within the Fundamentals collection has been treated with J. Ennis Fabrics’ proprietary Endurepel Shield finish for the ultimate in easy clean and stain repellent protection.

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ciao fabric collection - ennis fabrics

Ciao is a great pattern regardless of space. Featuring faux velvet with a subtle rippling effect, this pattern will appeal to both modern and traditional spaces. Ciao is perfect for upholstery.


Yates fabric

Yates offers a refined texture in sun kissed tones. With its light feel and soft hand, this pattern can add elegance to the most traditional home or an airy vibe to modern designs. Its versatility allows Yates to be incorporated again and again in homes.


franklin fabric collection - ennis fabrics

Franklin's deep, rich textures are beauitful features that add a touch of opulence to yoru space. True velvet and velvetlooks are perfectly on-trend, giving us another reason to implement Franklin into our homes. Incredible velvet interiors suggest elegance, luxury, and sophistication.



intrigue fabric collection - ennis fabrics

The Intrigue collection is all about the chic and minimal appeal of a suede look. The color palette focuses on earth tones, soft greens, and a mixture of blues providing a spectrum of different hues; allowing it to open to all seasons.


moritz fabric collection

Like a classic Chanel suit, this fabric will stand the test of time. Moritz offers a tweed texture and with textures being so popular, this look falls right on trend. Tweeds can do amazing things to a room. It can createan instant feeling of warmth and coziness, a real invite to snuggle up on the sofa, but at the same time they ooze sophistication. Moritz is a fantastic fabric that you will never fall out of love with.

Brooks & Sinatra

brooks and sinatra fabric collection

Brooks and Sinatra are contract-rated woven washable dimout drapery patterns. Brooks and Sinatra are a coordinated collection that will complete the look in any space.

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