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Aura Collection

The Aura collection embodies unexpected textures with an electric and modern vibe. Expect to see more sophisticated home decor looks that are inspired by natural textures and mid-century modern undertones. 


Aura Refreshed displays the trending color, aquamarine. This cool and calming palette creates the feeling of ethereal waterways. Blue tones remain popular, from beautiful Classic Denim to modern Lucite Green, these blue tones pair superbly with grey and nude colors. Pops of bright colors act as accents, but many of these vibrant hues have been softened to allow for a more refined look.


Aura Relaxed represents the new Neutral, this style has evolved from boring beige to a contemporary mix of warm and cool undertones. This balancing effect works to create a true neutral palette, this collection will absolutely work with any color!


Aura Cheerful collection displays a mix of  electric brights, soft pastels, and nature-like neutrals. A nod to retro style, this collection brings color to your home and reflects natural landscapes. Bring happiness into the home, using the florals and textured solids from this collection.



Aristocrat, is a multi-purpose 100% polyester fabric with a faux velvet look. Not only does this product have a fantastic soft texture, the collection also features an excellent list of specifications.


Boca is a lustrous chenille solid with a lovely crepe weave effect. Velvet and velvet-looks continue to capture the heart of all interior spaces. Boca is a modern and timeless velvet-look that will add just the right amount of sophistication to any design.

Brooks and Sinatra

Our beautiful Brooks and Sinatra collection is made up of luxurious woven washable dimout drapery fabrics. We focused on delivering two versatile patterns that can be used to co-ordinate in a wide range of options that will bring sophistication to any space. The Brooks and Sinatra patterns come in multiple colors, again to offer you the most flexibility in use. 

Calli Collection

The Calli Collection is our first collection of contract-rated sheers and features lightweight, textured sheers that help to soften any space. These decorative sheers come in adaptable neutral tones giving them a sophisticated and timeless feel.




Chakra Collection

Chakra's are the focal points of spiritual energy in your body.We designed this collection with three of the seven chakras in mind, heart, base and third eye. Each collection features colors that connect to the chakras. This three-book collection is for everyone; whether you are spiritual or not. This collection is bound to make you feel warm, powerful and balanced. Utilize the patterns, colors, and textures featured in the Chakra Collection to enhance your personal journey by creating a range of imaginative and poetic looks!


The Heart Chakra embraces a higher energy that is tied to love, compassion and humanity. The Heart color palette is where we receive our sense of intuition, you may notice yourself being drawn to this alluring color palette. The Heart collection's warmth enhances our listening energies, thereby encouraging strong emotional ties.


The Base Chakra is a grounding energy that connects you to the physical, earthly world. We focused on a neutral color palette and patterns to simulate safety and survival, which are two key elements of the Base Chakra. 

Third Eye

The Third Eye Chakra symbolizes self-expression, perfection, and inner wisdom. If you feel drawn to the cool, calming colors of this collection, then it speaks to your intuitive side. Harness your intuition and use this fabric collection as your driving force of inspiration. 


Chase and Virtue

Chase & Virtue are the woven washable patterns you have been looking for.  These dimout drapery fabrics feature slubbed linen looks, and will become the perfect accent to finish off any room.


Ciao is a versatile upholstery fabric that can be incorporated into any decor style. Ciao features a simulated velvet texture with subtle rippling effects. This pattern is suitable for both modern and traditional spaces. 

Cocoon and Destiny

Cocoon and Destiny is our combination book of new Lustrous plains. Cocoon is a striated chenille with a faux velvet appeal. Destiny is a tonal slub plain with
Lustre and a small chevron stitch.



Explore the bold and daring side of Crypton® Adventure! A contemporary performance line providing a range of styles from textured solids to playful jacquards. This collection draws inspiration from natural elements, and features on-trend neutrals and fashion colors. Discover the adventurous side of Crypton fabrics!

Crypton Consistency

A new Crypton collection perfect for restaurants, hotels and home décor. Crypton Consistency has arrived with 7 new exciting patterns in hot new color tones including Lagoon, Chinchilla and Vanilla. With the performance you expect from Crypton fabrics featuring Crypton’s permanent stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor-resistant protection.


We are proud to introduce Crypton Debut, our new collection of jacquard patterns. This collection features a mix of geometric and organic patterns, bringing a dramatic feel with an on-trend color palette. A true marriage of style and performance, these fashion-forward fabrics deliver freedom from spills, stains, odors and bacteria. 


Crypton Embrace

Let the new Crypton® collection Embrace your life. Innovate and exciting patterns in trend setting colors powered by Crypton® for permanent protection against stains, moisture, bacteria and odors.

Crypton Excellence

The new Crypton® collection features exceptional pattern design and key colors such as Denim, Royal, and Navy. a great selection of grey tones to co-ordinate with on-trend colors from beautiful yellows and Sprig greens to fashion-forward Chinchilla

Crypton Innovation

Modern geometrics combined with trendy color selections.As with any Crypton® product, you can expect Contract-rated fabric properties throughout the entire collection, including moisture barrier, mildew resistance, stain resistance, and high abrasion. The new fabrics feature great scale, utilizing geometric patterns to achieve a contemporary look.


Crypton Trailblazer

Crypton Trailblazer is a mix of exciting patterns and textures. These patterns are blazing a new path any space your imagination can take you! The collection features classic stripes and textures paired with playful patterns. Colors range from soft neutrals to classic primary shades with bright bold pops of color.



Citadel is a contract-rated drapery collection featuring four patterns in a range of neutral and useful colors.



Civilization Collection


Our Knowledge color collection is inspired by nature; here you’ll find the pale blue of a daytime sky or the rich greens of a forest floor. Mimicking nature, a place of serene natural beauty could be the reason so many people find cooler palettes calm and comforting.


Our Wisdom color collection is associated with the air element, an unbiased and adaptable force. Wisdom can evoke power and mystery like a storm, or a sense of calm like a gentle breeze. Mix these neutral tones with bolder colors and elements to have a grounding effect on your environment.


Our Awakening color collection helps create happy vibes and a more enthusiastic space with a range of solids and jacquards in warm tones. Awakening is a great palette if you’re aiming to achieve a sense of warmth or cosiness in a space.



Duel is a sophisticated solid that has a faux linen look combined with a chunky texture. This novelty twist yarn adds strength and softness, while creating depth throughout the color range. 


Elizabeth is a luxurious chenille upholstery body cloth with subtle texture, soft hand, and an elegant tailored finish. A mix of bold colors and neutrals makes this solid perfect for contemporary and classic applications.


Emerse is a superb faux linen with a soft, brushed backing. Available in a wide range of innovative colors to suit every purpose in your home. This collection coordinates with both traditional and modern interiors.


Endurepel Fundamentals

Endurepel™ Fundamentals is our most versatile collection of best-selling plains and textures yet. This functional and highly popular collection boasts high-quality fabric in a wide range of colors. Additionally, all fabrics in this collection are finished with Ennis Fabrics’ proprietary Endurepel Shield, for the ultimate in easy clean and stain repellent protection.


Envision is Ennis Fabrics first silicone upholstery offering! It not only has an unbelievably soft hand, incredible tailorability, and wide color palette, it is also comprised of SiO™ medical grade silicone. Most competitor silicone resins in the market are round pebble-like shapes. SiO™ resins are formed into angular shapes which allow for stronger surface integrity, enhancing its resistance to scuffing, scratching, and abrasive cleaners.


Expo is a suede-look solid, with a variegated striation. Expo has an incredibly soft hand and is showcased in a range of rich tones. A mix of sophisticated neutrals, deep warm tones, and vibrant cool colors highlight Expo’s versatile nature.​


The Exuberance Collection contains a range of colors featuring natural fibers that can add a rustic touch. From earth tones to vibrant hues these fabrics can achieve an elegant yet laid-back look.

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Fable is our latest linen-look drapery. Its slubbed texture further enhances the feel of a true linen product. Available in a range that includes natural tones and rich accent colors, Fable will add a dramatic touch to any residential or contract project.


A linen inspired collection with a very organic feel. This fabric can take on new life shown in the brighter colors, and adds a fun pairing to any accent.


Franklin has beautiful deep, rich textures that will add a touch of opulence to your space. True velvet and velvet-looks are on-trend pieces that seem to be perpetually popular. Afterall, velvet interiors suggest elegance, luxury, and sophistication.



We just can’t get enough of our Velvet looks. This season we are presenting our new solid Fusion. Fusion is our Luxurious multi-tone Tattersall Chenille with a great hand. Showcased in softer tones, Fusion will help to bring a calming feel to any glamorous look.


Groundwork is a linen-inspired drapery collection featuring a simple but sophisticated weave. Its fantastic color range and richness make this a go-to choice to begin the design process.








Harper is a soft, dry handed crepé-like plain fabric. With lots of visual texture and interest, this is the perfect plain for your next project.

Heavenly 3rd Edition

Our top-selling body cloth, Heavenly, is now available in an extended color range. Its soft hand, subtle texture and superior quality allow this fabric to be a perfect fit for a variety of applications.


Hendrix features a basket weave pattern of complex novelty yarns to achieve great depth of color. The chunky texture enhances the warmth and cozy feeling of this collection.



The Intrigue collection features lux suede look fabric. Intrigue is all about the chic and minimalist allure of a suede look. The color palette centers around earth tones and soft greens. We also added a range of blues to round off the color palette, giving it a timeless appeal.

Inspired 3rd Edition

Inspired is our 100% Polyester Faux Silk solid. Natural slubs with a subtle sheen, provide the look of silk while being 100% Polyester allows this product to be washable. Available in a large color range with 15 new colors added.


Wonderfully soft touch & texture. Excellent strength, great for upholstery. Beautiful draping quality, a natural choice for drapery, bedding & apparel Perfect multi-purpose fabric with an extensive 35 colors



This collection is a play on the linen trend. By adding Chenille to this fabric it provides more texture and depth within the multi-tone colors.


Journey, our new solid, is developed using imported Italian yarns for superior strength, softness and sheen. This lightweight fabric comes in a trend-forward range of colors to suit all your application needs.


Create an effortlessly stylish room using Lido, our newest solid. Its handwoven details hint at real linen, which makes this collection perfect for all applications.



Limitless Textures

Limitless Textures is a beautiful compilation of enchanting dimensions for a variety of uses. The combination of Louis and Hendrix’s shabby-chic basket weave to the streamlined classic look of Journey, Loft and Foundation; and the distressed textures of Duel and Heavenly—each of these patterns create a unique all-in-one plains collection.

Linen Brights

Linen is a big trend that continues to grow. This collection show cases all the linen inspired fabrics we have seen throughout our travels. Bright colors in natural looks with heavier textures give a twist on the traditional linen look.



Linen Neutrals

linen neutrals fabric collection

Linen is a big trend that only continues to grow. Neutral tones in an organic feel with heavier textures give a twist on the traditional linen look.

Loft 2nd Edition

loft 2nd edition fabric collection

The Loft collection expands its color range to grow with the current design trends. Cool greys and fun teals help bring new life to this popular body cloth. This printed solid gives the illusion of a micro denier twill, while its soft hand suggests the feel of a faux velvet. 


louis fabric collection

Louis is a twist on traditional basket weaves with a soft hand giving you a cozy fabric. The novelty yarns give a depth of dimension and provides an attractive range of colors throughout this pattern.



Luscious is a luxurious upholstery collection of true cut pile poly-cotton velvet that has a beautiful soft hand.  It features a wide range of vibrant on-trend colors.


Medina is a 100% polyester multipurpose fabric. Its interesting texture gives the pattern the decorative look and feel of linen, while remaining incredibly functional and durable. Medina is an incredibly versatile fabric that will meet all décor needs.


Create a home that’s coastal, sophisticated and refreshingly unexpected with our new solid Medley. Medley helps to bring in a dryer look and is a textural plain with a slight slub effect. The variety of colors offered in our Medley collection allows you to pair back to many of your favorite pieces



Our love affair with velvet continues – as we bring you Mia, our velvet-look with a time-worn patina feel. Velvet is the soft-touch textile that keeps on giving. From ancient times to modern day, velvet has always been considered a luxurious textile. Mia is perfect to add luxury, sophistication, and softness into any design.

Mix n' Mingle

Mix n’ Mingle the greatest selection of PU, PVC and Bonded products. 143 choices for upholstery from value priced PVC, phthalate free PU and bonded leathers in bold colors to classic looks. Mix n’ Mingle features 7 patterns: Amarillo, Austin, Gaucho, Midship, Sealskin, Talladega and Turner. All contract rated for abrasion, UV and fire retardancy for high demand upholstery.



monroe fabric collection

Monroe is a textured semi-plain weave with a sophisticated look and soft hand. Available in a range of versatile and captivating modern shades including Teals, Coral and subtle Pink hues.


moritz fabric collection

Moritz offers a popular tweed texture that not only falls right on trend but offers an adaptability that transcends trends. Timeless appeal is synonymous with Moritz. Tweeds can do amazing things to a room, it can instantly create a feeling of warmth and coziness, while simultaneously exuding sophistication. Trust us, Moritz will become a pattern you will never fall out of love with.

Novelty Experience

novelty upholstery collection featuring new looks in amazing colors with trend-setting patterns. Best of all, the product has all the specifications to make it incredibly usable and durable, such as its high abrasion (exceeding 100,000 double rubs). Yet, despite the collection’s high quality specs, each pattern remains uncompromising in its push for eco-friendly properties. Novelty Experience fabrics come free of PVC, phthalates, heavy metals, lead, and solvents.


Our World

The world around us is saturated in color. It can influence how we respond physically and physiologically to what we see. Through the use of color, you can speak without a voice. Color shows a unity of different people, different cultures, and different ideas; which brings more beauty and happiness to life.




This color collection radiates warmth and happiness by combining the physical energy and stimulation of reds, with the cheer of yellows. You can't help but feel happy when you are surrounded by these colors.



Healing colors are hues which can calm the nervous system and make an environment softer. Over the centuries, many cultures across the world have decorated spaces with and adorned themselves with certain colors for their healing properties.



Neutrals bring harmony to any space. These versatile hues are familiar and comforting; they can easily take on the brighter bolder colors around them, or work in unity to create a soothing oasis.



Overshadow is our first TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) product introduction. Overshadow is a great textured solid, coated fabric that has a light cross-hatched print on the face. It has a strong color range from soft neutrals to playful accent colors that will liven up any space. It works well in all contract markets from healthcare to office seating to hospitality. TPO products are generally lighter weight than PVC, durable, contain no plasticizers or phthalates and are inherently resistant to bacteria, microbes, mold, UV and cold crack!

Perception Collection

The apparent simplicity of Perception disguises a vast array of textures and grounds in versatile hues. This collection features scaled geometrics, centered medallions and satin weaves alongside honeycomb and abstract effects. Perception provides a truly diverse range of styles to ensure there’s a little something for every taste.


perception's passion fabric collection

Perception Passion reflects the warm tones that have become so popular this season. Canyon oranges, Coin gold, and Berry pinks can be used in any home setting to embody passion, happiness, enthusiasm and energy.


perception's mystery fabric collection

The mystery behind these neutrals is their ability to adapt to any design. Instantly create a welcoming and timeless space by mixing Perception Mystery with warm textures, such as rough-hewn wood surfaces, shiny tiles, nubby linens and brushed velvets.


perception's growth fabric collection

Perception’s Growth Collection features calming blues to refreshing greens. These colors can be used to create spaces that range from cool and calm, to warm and inviting.



premier fabric collection

This latest polyurethane collection comes in a diverse color range to allow for incredible versatility of design. All 30 colors are finished with J. Ennis Fabrics’ performance finish, Endurepel Armour, which gives Premier its anti-bacterial, anti-mildew and easy cleanability features.


The Prosperity Collection features small scale patterns in both soft, subtle shades and deep rich tones. Perfect for your contract and residential, drapery and bedding projects. Prosperity exudes elegance and sophistication.


A clipped terry inspired pattern with a soft hand and subtle  heathered effect. Quarry can also give the appearance of a faux wool in our neutral shades, while the brighter colors provide a fresh look.



restored fabric collection

This basketweave look gives a rich texture and dimensional interest. A slight two tone effect gives this a diverse appeal. Shown in a wide range of color.


Royal’s rich texture and color, immediately creates softness and warmth to any room. A faux velvet with slight mottled effect in stunning modern and traditional colors. Bright, fresh, clear colors like hot pink, tangerine, and blue shock for fun, contemporary looks to classic velvet colors like red wine, burgundy, and blush for refined classic pieces. 


siempre fabric collection

Just as classic and timeless as a Chanel suit, Siempre’s textural weave with variegated color creates a raw silk.  Modern or traditional, this pattern is a perfect fit.  With its long lasting appeal and sophistication, Siempre will add a timeless look to any room.


Self Expression Collection






Durable, Endurance and Strength are the foundation for Stability. The Stability collection features contract rated large and small scale patterns for upholstery. Beautiful color selection that withstands high traffic areas with high abrasion ratings. Designs fit perfectly in the hospitality market. 

Stability 2nd Edition

stability 2nd edition fabric collection

Stability 2nd Edition expands the Stability collection with fresh new patterns and color palettes. The collection features a range of subtle to vibrant colors, with each pattern characterized by contract-rated performance specifications and the Endurepel Shield anti-stain finish.

Stability III

Stability III is a collection of contract-rated jacquards and solids finished with Endurepel™ Shield. It coordinates perfectly with our contract-rated PU, Claro. The 3rd edition of our top-selling Stability range can be used for seating, bedding, and more. It features a wide selection of textures, including soft chenilles. This Endurepel™ Shield treated collection has contract-rated performance and washability, perfect for a variety of markets including contract, hospitality, and residential.

Starling and Wren

starling and wren fabric collection

Luxurious textured solids take flight in this collection of multi-toned drapery fabrics. Two organic yet sophisticated styles that are perfectly coordinated for design flexibility. Alone or paired, let Starling and Wren be the latest addition to your décor project.

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State Of Mind Collection

Change your State of Mind by using color to influence your mood. Instead of choosing colors to match your current mood, why not choose colors that create the feeling to which you aspire? Allow yourself the freedom to change your State of Mind!


energized fabric collection

This is a high-energy book with colors that have the ability to conjure fun memories and enliven the imagination. Energetic terra cotta orange and passionate reds are great accent colors for any room.


state of mind balanced fabric collection

The Balanced color collection is associated with stable, timeless neutrality. Each color lends clarity, creativity and strength to any room.


state of mind peaceful fabric collection

The Peaceful color collection embodies calming tones that are pleasing to the senses. Surrounding yourself with soothing shades of blues and greens will create a sense of renewal and harmony.


Sunbrella Elements

Elements is a commitment from Sunbrella to establish consistency and confidence with their most trusted upholstery styles. Elements feature a wide range of essential solids, textures, stripes and jacquards, inspiring personalization by allowing you to mix and match Sunbrella products and collections. Elements is the foundation for you to design, coordinate, discover.

Sunbrella Makers

The Sunbrella Makers collection is a celebration of human creativity, craftsmanship, and individuality through fabric. The collection reveals the values shared between traditional hand weaving and modern manufacturing. Inspired by traditional techniques such as backstrap weaving and Japanese Shibori dyeing, Sunbrella Makers fabrics embody the essence of handmade.

Sunbrella Pure

Nature is a continually renewed expression of shapes, textures, and colors. The fabrics of Pure create a natural duality with each other. Incorporating chenille and heathered yarn blends, dimensional stitching, and two-tone effects, Pure dramatizes the tension found in nature between soft and hard, linear and curved, light and shadow, and smooth and dimensional. In layering textures and tones, or focusing on a single pattern and hue, Pure reconciles these tensions and creates balance.



sydney fabric collection

The herringbone is a timeless pattern that is showing up everywhere in home décor. The popularity of the herringbone makes Sydney a pattern that is absolutely on-trend. Available in a wide range of colors, from subtle to bold, this newest solid is guaranteed to fit into any room.


tiffany fabric collection

Tiffany features a multi-colored textural weave that is robust and durable, making this pattern suitable for all upholstery applications. This new collection launches with an exciting color palette ranging from cool neutrals to more vibrant shades. 

Top Grain

top grain fabric collection

Top Grain is a timeless upholstery collection. This collection is made up of high-quality types of vinyl, in primarily neutral color tones with occasional pops of red.



turner fabric collection

This collection brings an incredibly soft hand to contract seating and upholstery. A 100% polyurethane, Turner is designed for a soft touch but with the strength and durability for high usage areas.


Soft & vibrant as a velvet with the performance for today’s high traffic areas. Urban is chic & strong; exceeding 100,000 Double rubs abrasion and is available in 23 colors. Passes California Bulletin 117 - Section E and UFAC Class 1 fire retardancy*.


Viva is a textural plain featuring a wash effect, which gives it an organic feel. With a color range that includes retro palettes, such as shades of reds and greens, this is a collection that would suit both residential and contract applications.


Watercolors Collections

 The Watercolors collection provides a blend of transitional and contemporary designs. Textured yarns are used to give depth in unique ways to each pattern.


water colors cool fabric collection

Fill your room with cool blues, greens and purples to summon a refreshing breeze into your home.


watercolors neutral fabric collection

Decorating with neutral colors offers a multitude of ways to add personality to your rooms. Soft hues such as beige, khaki and rain cloud grey create a calming atmosphere, while the contrast of a black and white color scheme introduces drama and flair.


watercolors warm fabric collection

No other season puts on a show quite like Autumn; with its leaves transitioning from the cool green of summer into the warm yellows, oranges and reds of fall. We can’t help but to be inspired and follow suit. Warm tones are welcoming in the home with hues that bring a feeling of casual comfort indoors.



yates fabric collection

Yates offers refined textures in sun-kissed tones. With its light feel and soft hand, this pattern is very versatile. Yates can bring elegance to traditional homes, or a relaxed air to more modern designs. The adaptability of Yates makes it easy to incorporate into any home.


Vonn is a distressed, velvet-look solid. This luxurious, multi-purpose fabric is contract-rated and ideal for drapery, bedding, and upholstery. Vonn is available in a wide range of colors, making it the perfect texture for residential as well as contract markets. 

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