2020 Decorative Collections

Endurepel Fundamentals ll


Endurepel Fundamentals II features of our best-selling textures and plains already treated with our Endurepel Shield stain and moisture resistant topcoat. From your brightest whites to your deepest greys and everything in between, this selection of upholstery fabrics will meet the needs of many Contract and Home Decor spaces.

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Challenger has the soft feel of leather and demonstrates both durability and strength. Our high tensile strength, rip-resistant backing, accentuates stretch and recovery and prevents tearing.

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Bondi is our new linen-like loose weave fabric. Bondi presents a variegated monochromatic color, mimicking the look of an informal hopsack fabric. Though casual in feel, this fabric beautifies any interior style with its clean-lined sophistication.

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Texture is everything. With neutral color palettes now prevalent in home decor, the visual and tactile feel becomes the hero. Muse uses heavier novelty yarns to help create a beautiful handwoven look. This plain provides a handmade edge, making any space feel lived in. 

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Asher is a gorgeous, multi-purpose fabric that has a soft hand and a heathered wool look. It is the perfect addition to any space to add a touch of warmth and coziness. The range of soft neutrals to deep rich tones allows for versatility and ease of coordination.

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Origin is a stunning linen-look fabric perfect for drapery and bedding applications. Its timeless linen-look and organic stria brings a subtle element of nature to any space. This range features warm and cool earth tones, as well as rich pops of color.

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Curated Collection

Curated looks have become very popular in home decor styling. A curated look appears less planned and intentional, like everything has been collected over the years and put together with a keen eye. All elements complement each other without looking like it came from the same place. This look is easier to achieve than you may think—it’s also a lot of fun! You can get creative and indulge in the process of putting together a home that will truly express your taste and style.

Carriage House


Neutral decor has become incredibly popular over the years. With the modest nature of beige-based interior design, it’s important to consider texture and patterns when selecting your neutral decor accents. Our Carriage House collection is inherently versatile as the wide range of neutral shades allows you to develop contrast and interest when designing with primarily neutral-colored fabrics.

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Lake House


The restorative power of nature is widely recognized in society. Our Lake House collection brings healing energy from the outdoors into your designs through color. We’ve progressively seen nature-inspired décor take over our interiors. From incorporating live plants to embracing the jungle trend, we can’t get enough. That’s why green shades and every blue imaginable are set to be everywhere.

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Town House


Colors can be empowering. Our Town House collection features energizing and uplifting tones. More cheerful and optimistic colors in the home are becoming a design staple. However, it’s all about finding the balance with the appropriate dose of color. Whether it’s pink, purple, or terracotta’s softer muted versions, all of these colors are making their way back in a much more quiet way.

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