Spring 2018

Our World

The world around us is saturated in color. It can influence how we respond physically and physiologically to what we see. Through the use of color, you can speak without a voice. Color shows unity of different people, different cultures, and different ideas; which brings more beauty and happiness to life.


This color collection radiates warmth and happiness by combining the physical eneregy and stimulation of reds, with the cheer of yellows. You can't help but feel happy when you are surrounded by these colors.


Neutrals bring harmony to a space. These versitile hues are familiar and comforting; they can easily take on the brighter bolder colors around them, or work in unity to create a soothing oasis.


Healing colors are hues which can calm the nervous system and make an environment softer. Over the centuries, many cultures across the world have decorated spaces with and adorned themselves with certain colors for their healing properties.




The prosperity collection features small scale organic and geometric patterns in soft subtle colors and deep rich tones.  These patterns exude elegance and sophistication and are perfect for your next bedding or drapery project.


If you are looking for a cool casual look this season, our new solid Remy is for you.  Remy has a textured hand that provides a wool feel and if showcased in a beautiful two-tone color range


Velvets and velvet looks are seamlessly standing the test of time. This season we introduce Mia, our lusturious fabric velvet with a time worn patina feel.  Simple statement pieces are perfect to pair with Mia and won't outshine the natural glory of this plain.



Harley & Tux

Harley & tux is our combination collection of classic solids.  Harley is a broken herringbone in staple colors with rich tones.  Tux is a small scale houndstooth with natural slub effect.


Pace is a brushed hopsack plain that is a new addition to our wide range of high quality upholstery solids.  This fabric is ultrasoft while continuing to be hard wearing and is available in an intensifying color range.



Sunbrella Elements

Elements is a commitment from Sunbrella to establish consistency and confidence with our most trusted upholstery styles.

As a curation of essential solids, textures, stripes and jacquards, the Elements Collection inspires personalization by allowing you to mix and match Sunbrella products and collections.

Elements is our foundation. Use it to design. Use it to coordinate. Use it to discover.

Sunbrella Makers

The Sunbrella® Makers collection is an expression of values celebrating human creativity, craftsmanship and individuality through fabric. The collection reveals intrinsic values shared between traditional hand weaving and modern manufacturing.

Makers sweeps you into an inclusive community of artisan craftsmen, preserving time-honored elements of both art and craft to produce the most trusted performance fabric in the world. Inspired by traditional techniques such as backstrap weaving and Japanese Shibori dyeing, Sunbrella Makers fabrics embody the unique personality of handmade.

We are all makers.

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