Fall 2018

Self Expression 

Self Expression is about confidence. There is a feeling of optimism and sureness across this collection that drives new vitality into home decor. This color story is wildly divergent, featuring a kaleidoscopic bounty of uplifting shades and feel-good tones with a steady mix of more neutral and classic shades. Multi-dimensional and grounded hues coexist with other more vibrant tones to bring an overall breath of fresh air.


Bright colors are impactful, they catch your attention and can instantly raise the energy level of a room. Spaces designed to be high energy help to draw people together and stimulate conversation. With its bold hues and happy tones, the Energy color collection is the perfect way to create a strong impression.


Centering on cool tones, the Serenity color collection is calming, relaxing and composed. Considered the most restful colors to the eye; this color collection can help you relax and reduce your stress.


Either on their own or providing a base for complex color mixes; neutrals are essential for any season. Feeling both timeless and modern, the shades and patterns in Sophistication are redefining classics.



We just can’t get enough of our velvet looks. This season we are presenting our new solid Fusion. Fusion is our luxurious multi-tone tattersall chenille with a great hand. This solid is showcased in softer tones and helps bring a calming feel to any glamorous look.


Harper is a soft, dry handed crepé-like plain fabric. With lots of visual texture and interest, this is the perfect plain for your next project.


Create a home that’s coastal, sophisticated and refreshingly unexpected with our new solid Medley. Medley is a textural plain with a slight slub effect that helps to create a dryer look. The variety of colors offered in our Medley collection allows you to pair back to many of your favorite pieces.


Cocoon & Destiny

Cocoon and Destiny is our combination book of new lustrous plains. Cocoon is a striated chenille with a velvet appeal. Destiny is a tonal slub plain with lustre and a small chevron stitch.

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Calli Collection

Ennis Fabrics is excited to launch our first collection of contract rated sheers. The Calli Collection features lightweight, textured sheers that help to soften any space. These decorative sheers come in adaptable neutral tones giving them a sophisticated and timeless feel.

Crypton Trailblazer

Crypton Trailblazer is a mix of exciting patterns and textures. These patterns are blazing a new path into a variety of markets including hospitality, healthcare, senior’s homes, office seating, residential and more! The collection features classic stripes and textures paired with playful patterns. Colors range from soft neutrals to classic primary shades with bright, bold pops of color. 

Franklin Bindercard

Franklin’s deep, rich textures are beautiful features that add a touch of opulence to any space. Incredible velvet-look interior suggest elegance, luxury, and sophistication, which is why we are excited to implement Franklin into contract spaces! Franklin is now offered in a convenient binder card featuring two new colors: 47 Camel and 909 Black!

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