Fabric Inspiration: Top Colors of 2020

Color is important to interior designers, textile manufacturers, and countless other professionals that use color to complete their products.

Pantone released their new color of the year for 2020, 19-4052 Classic Blue. Pantone’s website describes the color as elegant in its simplicity, thought-provoking, and peaceful. With the start of the new decade, it’s only fitting that a calming color is chosen to highlight our need for peacefulness in the future.

On the other hand, Color Marketing Group chooses colors to influence the next two years ahead. They recently had their 2019 International Summit in November 2019 where color design professionals gathered and chose four colors to highlight for 2019-2021. These colors focused on different parts of the world. North America’s color is Mist (a light, greyish-blue), Latin America’s color is Renacer (a beautiful saturated violet), Asia Pacific’s color is Uni-Coral (a bold mix of orange and red), and Europe’s color is Raison d’être (a neutral, mid-range tan with violet undertones). Each color is meant to convey a particular mood relating to that area.

It’s a big year for color, and we’re excited to showcase the fabric designs that fit with these new color trends!

Fabrics to Inspire Your Pantone Classic Blue Looks

Blue is a versatile, stable foundational color that can safely be used in any setting. Classic Blue in particular is meant to convey relaxed and calm feelings, so we’ve gathered fabrics to help you set up those emotions with your next project.

Featured fabrics (top to bottom):
Como 33 Ocean is a striped fabric with a handcrafted feel in our soft blue color.
Presidio 34 Creulean features a layered diamond ikat design with a soft blue accent.
Riviera 31 Duck Egg is a chenielle stripe on a satin ground with a soft blue shade
Forum 34 Storm is a chenielle that features various shades of blue stripes.

Looks That Capture Color Marketing Group’s Mist, Uni-Coral, Renacer, and Raison d’être Colors


Color Marketing Group chose Mist as North America’s key color for the next couple of years. They describe Mist as being a peaceful, cleansing color that is supposed to invoke feelings of determination, positivity, and light. Our fabric picks for mist are a combination of light blueish greys and soft browns that are sure to help a space convey similar feelings.

Featured fabrics (top to bottom):
Candid 31 Cloud features a contemporary diamond pattern with a calming blue accent.
Rascal 31 Powder has hints of different light blue shades in a hand-woven textured fabric.
Boca 31 Duck Egg is a sophisticated blue chenielle plain that has no shortage of texture details, including a faux velvet look and subtle crepe detailing.
Frolic 31 Crystal features a soft blue colorway with layered transitional florals.


Color Marketing Group’s Latin American color is Renancer. Renacer’s goal is to equally balance feminine and masculine representation, as well as connect nature and spirituality. We love this violet-like color because of its bold energy. Use it to add a burst of color to any space or accent a piece of furniture.

Featured fabrics (top to bottom):
Fusion 109 Plum is a chenielle tattersall plain in a subtle, but eye-catching purple color.
Moritz 104 Mulberry is a multi-colored design that you can see the purples popping out of.
Hula 14 Raspberry features geometric diamonds in an updated purple.
Dolce 109 Plum has a soft purple base color with a white medallion cut velvet design.


The color for the Asia Pacific region is called Uni-coral. Uni-coral is meant to inspire fun, playfulness, and happiness. To keep with this color’s trend, we chose playful reds that are sure to stimulate any space.

Featured fabrics (left to right):
Viva 17 Salsa is a soft, red, textured fabric with a “washed” look.
Marlo 14 Caliente is a chenielle hobnail-textured plain in an energizing red shade.
Jamboree 1006 Rust is a contemporary overall with a chenielle ground in our rustic red color.
Meritage 14 Paprika features a velvet floral design in our classic red shade.

Raison d’être

Raison d’être, the color chosen for Europe, is meant to drive balance between the natural and artificial worlds. When you look at this color, you can see hints of both in its hues. We chose fabrics that highlight both the natural and synthetic so you can convey that feeling in your next project.

Featured fabrics (left to right):
Candid 91 Mushroom features a contemporary diamond pattern with a boucle texture in a calming grey.
Panatis 67 Putty features a linked pattern in a calming grey color.
Louis 608 Old Lace is a basket weave plain in our featured grey color.

Inspiring Colors for 2020 and Beyond

As 2019 fades away into the new year, we’re investigating the newest trends that 2020 will bring to textiles. The colors showcased by Pantone and Color Marketing Group for 2020 and the next few years are versatile and cover a wide range of moods, so you’re sure to find something on trend that works for all your projects now and in the future.

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