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We are always striving to inspire your design, so this season we have put together some different combinations of our new fabrics to demonstrate some different ways you can work with our fabrics. On top of the beautiful groups of jacquards, we also highlight our new textures in solids. Each group of fabrics in this blog has a unique vibe that we are excited to share with you.

We have grouped the different styles of products into four different design types, Treasure Hunt, Nature Inspired, Point of View, and On the Veranda. The four featured styles draw inspiration from different interior cultural influences such a Hygge, Bohemian, and Wabi-sabi.

Key design features of our new fabrics this season:

  • Traditional stripes are elevated with a graphic pattern mix for a fresh modern approach
  • Introduction of more of the soft-touch classic velvet
  • New bold and colorful jacquards
  • There is a focus on both geometric and botanical jacquards, which is an artistic expression of earths’ modern imagery – where nature meets civilization.

Our focus for the new collections was diversity in looks and textures, facilitating cross-functionality so that the fabrics can be utilized in many different applications. Take a look at how we have styled some of our new fabrics and pay attention to what draws your eye; we find the natural design instinct in people often produces the best work. For your ease and interest, we have noted the product name on all our fabrics shown. Our website also has all our new fabrics in their collections.

Enjoy this season’s styles created from our August 2019 collection!

Treasure Hunt

Map out your style with this combination of renegade patterns. This styling mixes textures like no other. The soft velvet-looks that vary in texture depth complement the tweed and plaid jacquards in an order amongst chaos type of way, inspired by an old-fashioned privateer lifestyle.

With this style, the sky is the limit, so define your style as you mix and match these unique fabrics to create a fresh look you treasure. 

The Treasure Hunt style includes the following fabrics:

A list of the fabrics available in the Treasure Hunt collection.
Dolce, Stardust, Forum, Crescendo, Ciao, Franklin, Castaway, Yates, Zorro, Moritz, Fiddler.
Left to Right: Forum 34 Storm, Dolce 91 Dove, Como 030 Ocean.
Background to Foreground: Dolce 306 Midnight, Moritz 31 Aegeon, Stardust 601 Ivory.
Foreground: Forum 32 Patina

Nature Inspired

Mimicking the effortless beauty of nature, these organic textures and artistic patterns work together to create a tranquil design landscape. Neutrals, light greens and pale blues, help evoke a natural vibe in design. The organic ties are also strongly seen through the jacquards. Saga 205 Elm is reminiscent of silver bark, Como 61 Stone has driftwood feel, and Kindred 205 Aloe is velvet tossed palm fronds, the botany inspiration shines through our jacquards.

Compose your sanctuary with this styling of dreamy nature-inspired fabrics.

The Nature Inspired style includes the following fabrics:

A list of fabrics available in the Nature Inspired collection. Kindred, Saga, Yates, Como, Delano, McCoy, Rascal, Forum, Fortune, Castaway, Franklin.
Left to Right: Saga 205 Elm, Yates 205 Aspen, Como 61 Stone, Mason 62 Dune, Kindred 205 Aloe.
Left to Right: Foundation 905 Wind Chime, Yates 84 Birch, Yates 205 Aspen, Como 61 Stone, Saga 205 Elm, Mia 21 Sage.

Point of View

Characterized by an infusion of angular graphics, geometric silhouettes, and edgy designs this style unites form and function to facilitate a perfect balance of contrast and texture. What’s great about this combination of fabrics is that the jacquards are very bold, yet they seamlessly work together. Play with the railroading of these jacquards to create truly unique designs.

The Point of View style includes the following fabrics:

A list of fabrics available in the Point of View collection. Tandem, Mia, Yates, Como, Proximity, Phantom, Mason, Stardust, Rhythm, McCoy.
Top to Bottom: Boca 804 Putty, Tandum 22 Wasabi, Intrigue 601 Oyster, Proximity 202 Chartreaus.
Top to Bottom: McCoy 62 Copper, Como 61 Stone, Tandum 506 Canyon.

On the Veranda

Slow down and enjoy this new take on casual style where lively hues marry freshened patterns, to channel a charming allure. From the more vintage look of Whitney, the multicolored medallion with stipple effect, to the contemporary and cheerful Hula with a simple chair scale allover, this style is modern with a nod to the traditional. If you keep similar patterns but change palettes from cool to warm you’ll suddenly find your design transforming from coastal-chic to temperate bliss.

The On the Veranda style includes the following fabrics:



Left to Right: Mortiz 24 Tidewater, Yates 21 Pool, Whitney 82 Jade.
Left to Right: Riviera 34 Agua, Hula 31 Teal.


Left to Right: Riviera 105 Coral, Hula 22 Chartreuse.
Clockwise starting at one o’clock: Asher 608 Linen, Moritz 105 Petal, Intrigue 608 Stucco, Tiffany 14 Flamingo, McCoy 601 Creme.


This season we’re emphasizing the hand of our solids. Why? Because the way a fabric feels is fundamental to the tactile nature of interior design. Our new solids can soften a room by their texture alone as they (Stardust, McCoy, and Franklin) are incredibly soft to touch.

Softness brings comfort and enjoyment in the use of the textile. It also allows bold jacquards to subtly be toned down and coordinated into any design with the solids. The solids also come in rich tones which pairs nicely with their soft nature.

Here are some of our popular solids:

Fabrics in the Solids collection. Stardust, McCoy, Franklin, Moritz.
Top to Bottom: Yates 205 Aspen, McCoy 601 Creme, McCoy 84 Bark, Fiddler 84 Bark.
Yates 205 Aspen, McCoy 601 Creme, McCoy 84 Bark, Fiddler 84 Bark
Left to Right: Expo 907 Mushroom, Mason 905 Stone, Moritz 205 Spearmint, Mason 906 Mink.

We hope you’ve found our collections inspiring. We’d love to know which collection or fabric your favorite is, reach to us on social media to let us know!

Competition time!

Use the hashtag #myennisfave when posting a picture on Instagram that our fabric is in. All people who use the hashtag will enter a draw to win a lovely pillow bundle. The winner will be announced on December 1st!

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