Design process – how we utilize trend boards

Behind all excellent textile design is an inspiration. Opportunities to be inspired are endless; inspiration can come from something as simple as a unique umbrella that passes by a window as you are drinking a coffee. We keep our eyes peeled wherever we go, with a particular interest in the fashion world. The fashion world is cutting edge, so to be fashion-forward in the textile industry, we adopt long-lasting trends, early.

Every season we create trend boards to capture the mood, style, and inspiration for our new designs. These boards are established very early on in the design process and help guide us through until the fabric is created. Until now, we’ve never shared these before. However, we hoped they might be helpful or of interest to you. Enjoy exploring where we got inspired from this season!


Our Landscapes trend board focused on watercolor artwork and prints, blurred lines, and horizontal brushstrokes that mimicked horizons, oceans, and skies. There is fluidity amongst these trend board items, where shapes and colors mix and melt together most splendidly. Landscapes inspired this season’s pattern Saga – where blurred lines and shapes blend with the mix of novelty chenille and satin weave.

Saga 64 Hemp


Our Lifestyles trends led to the design of Como and Stardust, a jacquard and plain, respectively. Stardust is a heather boucle solid with a dry look, its texture and color range are homey and evoke a sense of comfort. Como is a handcrafted inspired casual stripe; it resembles a knitted blanket and very much fits with the Hygge and Lagom vibes. Lifestyle is about relaxation and comfort.

Como 61 Stucco
Stardust 36 Lapis

Inspired by nature

The Inspired by Nature trend board captured elements that mimicked the effortless beauty of nature. Organic textures and artistic patterns work together in this collage to create a tranquil yet busy design concept.

The jacquards born from this concept are Kindred and Acadia. Kindred is characterized by its velvet tossed palm fronds, and Acadia has tossed layered foliage.

Kindred 205 Aloe
Acadia 61 Taupe

Simple geometry

Simple Geometry for us was about simple lines coming together to create a large impact. Our geometric jacquards developed from this trend board include Tandum, Hula, and Proximity. Tandum is a geometric overlay with ombre’ ground. Hula has a simple chair scale all over, and Proximity is an angular silhouette with texture.

Proximity 64 Sisal
Hula 14 Raspberry

Stripes with interest

We’re always looking for ways to modernize classic patterns. This trend features stripes, which are elevated through their graphics. Stripes with Interest led us to develop Forum and Riviera, as well as influenced the creation of other stripe-involved jacquards. Forum is a modern banded chenille stripe, and Riviera is a satin and chenille stripe, both as you can see below are not ‘traditional stripes.’

Forum 32 Patina
Riviera 105 Coral


Did you know designing plains takes just as much work as designing jacquards and that the design process is much the same? This season the trend for our plains was texture. Texture adds depth and interest to plains. This board features different micro patterns and macro shots of textures. Two plains designed from this trend board are McCoy and Moritz 2nd Edition. McCoy is a heavy textured chenille with high low effects for depth and dimension. Moritz offers a classic tweed texture with contemporary colors.

McCoy 32 Robins Egg
Moritz 104 Mulberry

Tribal statement

Tribal Statement celebrates boldness. Strong colors and loud patterns are at the heart of this trend board. Tradition textile artwork from different countries was a source of inspiration for the Tribal Statement board. Three jacquards were developed from this trend board:

  • Crescendo – a traditional broken chevron with an ikat effect.
  • Phantom – a bold modern dimensional graphic.
  • Zorro – ethnic-inspired chenille bands.

Looking at all these jacquards, you can see the inspiration at play from tribal statement.

Crescendo 508 Autumn
Phantom 504 Ginger
Zorro 61 Mushroom


While we love being fashion-forward, timelessness also is a consideration in the design process. We only draw inspiration from trends; we never copy them as we don’t want our textiles being trend dependent. A trendy textile construction is velvet; however, it is also timeless – we have found that velvet and velvet looks are always desirable. This season we released Franklin 2nd Edition, filled with 28 gorgeous velvet-looks. If velvet interests you, have a read of our velvet trend blog that explains why velvet is so timeless and explores our top-selling velvet and velvet-looks.

Franklin 2nd Edition

If you like what you’ve seen, feel free to share our boards on social media – make sure to credit and tag us! We’d also love to see your trend/mood boards, tag us in your trend boards using hashtag #ennisinspired. Also, trend boards don’t have to be digital; we digitize ours so they can be referenced throughout our design process by multiple teams. Trend boards can be made from anything including, magazine scraps, fabric pieces, knick-knacks, drawings, photographs, etc. Happy trend boarding!

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