5 excellent ways to embrace the velvet trend

Our love affair with velvet continues – and so does everyone else’s. Ennis Fabrics now carries a wide variety of velvets and faux velvets. Velvet is the soft-touch textile that keeps on giving. From ancient times to modern day, velvet has always been considered a luxurious textile. From robes and gowns worn by kings and queens to a stylish home decor addition, velvet has become accessible over time but not lost its sophisticated touch.

1. Velvet Chair

Aura – wine 2 - Persia Furniture

We love the angular lines of this chair accentuate by our gorgeous true velvet jacquard Aura 17 Wine.

Velvet chairs come in all shapes and sizes and are versatile enough to be used in almost any room of the home. From a cosy armchair by the fire to on-trend velvet dining chairs and bedroom benches, velvet is set to take over every room in 2019. Below is a chair in Vonn 308 Evening.

vonn chair

2. Velvet Sofa

A luxury, lounging staple, the velvet sofa is the hero of any living room, and despite its luxe look, doesn’t need to cost the earth. You could opt for rich jewel tones for a real style statement, a bright shade for the ultimate hero piece or stick to satisfying neutrals.

Windsor Upholstery - Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a faux velvet with striated design, as seen above, Elizabeth is sophisticated and timeless. Color is Elizabeth 905 Platinum – upholstery by Windsor Upholstery.


Love grey velvet? Well, you can achieve this look with Luscious 91 Smoke and Fusion 91 Mercury

3. Velvet beds and Headboards

Nothing looks quite as inviting as a bold velvet bed with layers of luxurious bed linen. We love the use of Franklin Blush in this gorgeous headboard by Julien Beaudoin.

Franklin Blush from Julien Beaudoin

If you prefer a moodier space or have a very bright industrial styled bedroom, dark green or navy velvet achieves that feel.

velvet headboard

Get the look with Urban 308 NavyLuscious 38 Indigo, Elizabeth 308 Navy, Fusion 309 Midnight, or our latest release Vonn 308 Evening.

4. Drapery


Get the look with our new velvet contract-rated upholstery and drapery fabric Vonn 28 Emerald ! Vonn is available in a nice mixture of bold and neutral colors, with 18 to choose from (see below).


Vonn warm colors
Vonn cool colors

5. Velvet Accessories

Perfect for introducing a hint of velvet to your home, cushions and throws are a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest trends. Simple and effective, something as small as a couple of new velvet cushions in the colors of the moment can provide an instant update to set your home apart from the rest.


Get the look with Vonn 94 Cliff, Elizabeth 905 PlatinumFusion 91 MercuryBoca 62 Dove, and Boca 91 Charcoal.

Transform your furniture

The best way to engage the velvet trend is to recover some furniture you already own. Got a tired old chair, sofa, dining room seats? Recovering it with a true or faux velvet will completely transform your furniture, it will become dreamy, elegant, sophisticated and a stand out home décor feature.

Browse our website, pick a velvet-look fabric and contact a local upholster. They will give you a quote, you can drop off your furniture item and they’ll take care of the rest! Next thing you know you’ll have a gorgeous velvet furniture item ready to transform your home interior.

Seeking further inspiration? Why not check out our Velvet Pinterest board.

Some of our most popular Velvets / Velvet Looks

A brief history of velvet

Interested in how velvet got to where it is today? Let’s take a quick walk down the path of velvet over the centuries.

The first textiles resembling modern-day velvet was traced back to ancient Egypt (approximately 2000 BC), where there were pile weaves, woven from silk and linen.

Quick timeline

  • 400BC – 23AD: China was producing uncut pile weaves that more closely resemble our modern concept of velvet were developed.
  • 1401-1600 AD: the Ottoman Empire was famous for its silks and compound weaves including voided velvet (Velvet fabric in which the pile (standing fibers or loops) is limited to selected areas in order to form a design).
  • Late Medieval and Renaissance period saw an improvement in draw loom technology. This lowered the price of production and allowed velvet design and innovation to really take off in Italy and Spain.

Now that you know its history, let’s unpack stylish ways velvet is being used in modern home décor so you know how to embrace the velvet trend.

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