Charming Christmas Crafts

The weather outside is frightful, but crafting is so delightful!

This blog is for the fabric lovers, those who hobby sew, upholster or have spare fabric lying around. An essential element of crafting is resourcefulness. In this instance, being resourceful with leftover fabric. If you don’t have any fabric to spare, start saving some festive colored fabric offcuts from your jobs and use it in your Christmas crafts!

Crafting Essentials

Hot glue gun
A crafters secret weapon. No longer do you need to be a competent sewer to make adorable Christmas crafts, as long as you’ve got a glue gun, you’re good to go! Hot glue guns make crafting efficient and are so easy to use. We use the Pro 90 Glue Gun. The Pro 90 takes 5 minutes to heat up and has a simple trigger. You squeeze lightly for a tiny dot of glue or press harder on the trigger to release glue more quickly. The only downside to hot glue guns is that we don’t recommend children using it, which means that if you’re crafting with little ones, you’re on glue duty.

When crafting with fabric, there are two different types of scissors you’ll need, fabric shears and paper scissors.

  • Fabric Shears
    If you plan to craft with fabric as we’ve done, you’ll need a good pair of fabric shears. For our crafting, we used 10 Kai Regular Edge Scissors. The sharper and more well-made your shears, the easier making precision cuts will be, and you’ll get less fatigue than if you are battling to cut out small pieces of fabric. 
  • Paper scissors
    Regular paper scissors are the most necessary of craft tools. There is nothing fancy about the paper scissors we used, just good old fashioned scissors.

Fabric chalk/ pencils
It is a good idea to invest in some tailor chalk or pencils, they are specifically designed to draw on fabric and will save you a lot of elbow grease when stenciling.

Fabric Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are one of the most iconic holiday traditions. Decorating the tree is always fun, so why not make miniature trees to decorate too!

Fabric Christmas Tress

All our Christmas craft ideas are super simple (decorating and crafting shouldn’t be hard). However, we have some tips to make adorable looking trees.

How to Create Your Own Fabric Trees

The starting cone shape is very important
You can cheaply buy plastic cones from Michael’s (which are cheaper than Styrofoam cones). However, in the spirit of reusing, we used some cardboard we had laying around. Roll the cone shape, trim any excess at the bottom and fasten with tape.

Covering your trees
Choose a piece of fabric to wrap your trees in (we chose green). Do a trial roll, where you cover the tree and trim any excess. Next comes the hot glue, we recommend hot gluing little sections as you roll, this way there is even glue spread and the tree fabric will look tight. After you have the fabric base, onto the fun part, decorating!

Fabric tree decorating ideas

  • Salvage garland – Salvages are often overlooked due to the nature of upholstery, it is the bit that’s always thrown away. However, salvages are so Christmassy. Save your salvages from recent jobs.
  • Shimmery/metallic star – What better to top your tree with then a shimmery star?
  • Little circles for babbles – this is a very easy way to decorate your trees and is also easy for kids to help with.
  • Bows – as ornaments or on a string as a garland, either way, they’ll be cute.
  • Little presents – to sit underneath your tree, make them 2D and stick them around the bottom of your tree.

Fabric Penguins


The penguins are made by simply layering six pieces of fabric.

We used a cartoon picture of a penguin we found online. You need a cartoon that is simple, so there are fewer bits to layer. We then printed the penguin 3 times and cut out the 3 layers of fabric, the body/ flippers, the ovalish belly and then the eyes and nose.

We went with traditional penguin colors but you can mix it to whatever you like. A tip is to not use fluffy fabric for the eyes because you can’t control how much the fabric separates, and as a result one of our penguins looks sad.

Satin Snowflakes

Snowflakes and penguins

Print out some stencils from Google. Choose the less intricate snowflakes as that saves cutting time. We suggest printing the template onto card stock rather than regular paper, that way it’s easier to use when stenciling.

Fabric recommendation for snowflakes: a satin type of fabric works well as its shiny without being too much.

Christmas Craft Ideas are Endless!

Christmas is a magical time of year and there are so many wonderful crafting opportunities to be had. Look at your fabric scraps for crafting for inspiration and hashtag #ennischristmas for a chance to be featured on Instagram.

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