Tariff Update

China United States Trade War

As many of you are already aware, trade negotiations between the US and China are ongoing, and the implementation of additional duty surtaxes have been and are being put in place to offset trade deficits.

Many of the products we import from China are impacted by these tariff surtaxes in the US. We see direct cost impacts in the US of 10% on many products and 25% on a limited range of sku’s. However, effective January 1st, 2019, current products impacted by the 10% surtax are expected to increase to 25%.

We continue to monitor the news and industry authorities for updates as they become available for changes during these trade negotiations.

In light of these tariff surtaxes, effective Dec 17th, 2018 we will be implementing a 7.5% duty surcharge for all products on the 10% list and an 18.75% duty surcharge for all products on the 25% list. This new surcharge will show as a separate line item on your invoice and will not be reflected in your standard pricing (this includes your pricing on the website).

Having the surcharge on a separate line, allows us to make adjustments as required based on the most recent information as it relates to the US-China trade negotiations.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact:
Kirk Reiniger
VP of Sales and Marketing

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