Exploring Endurepel

You’ve seen Endurepel written on our website, experienced it through our samples and heard about it from our sale professionals; yet you’re still unsure of what exactly Endurepel is? Let’s explore Endurepel to give you a better understanding of this fantastic product feature we offer.

WHAT is Endurepel?

Endurepel is a performance finish applied to woven fabrics or PU textiles. There are currently three types of Endurepel finishes, each with their own features, recommended uses and coating process. Our Endurepel finished products are cross-functional and can be used across a wide range of industries.

  • Endurepel Shield
    • Provides an easy clean finish.
    • Available on stocked items or as an after treatment.
  • Endurepel Armour
    • Provides an easy clean finish, antibacterial and anti-mildew properties.
    • Available on our healthcare-rated PU Premier.
  • Endurepel Barrier
    • Provides an easy clean finish and moisture barrier.
    • Available on woven textiles as an after-treatment.

WHO developed Endurepel?

Endurepel is Ennis Fabrics’ proprietary range of performance finishes. We are proud of the Endurepel products we’ve developed because they help protect your product, prolonging their fantastic aesthetic and expanding their durability. Our motto is designed for your success, which couldn’t be truer with Endurepel.

HOW does Endurepel work?

Endurepel is a protective coating that is applied to textiles either in production or post-production (as an after-treatment) which forms an invisible stain-resist coating.

Endurepel performance finishes are applied by professionals for your convenience and peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about applying your own unreliable store-bought stain protector finishes again! When you receive your Endurepel finished textile, you know it’s our high-quality fabric, treated in the right way. It is safe and ready to be used!



WHY Endurepel?

We found that customers were in search of a reliable performance finish for their textiles that would effectively repel stains and more. We too saw the value in such a product.  We already sold fabrics, so offering a comprehensive fabric protection was an obvious next step.

We believe in Endurepel. Not only does the application of Endurepel to fabrics protect them, it ensures you can maintain the beauty of your products for years to come.

For the longest time, people would “scotch-guard” their furniture, spraying an uneven coating from an aerosol can. This ill-advised method:

  1. a) Didn’t achieve the desired outcome,
  2. b) was horrible for the environment and,
  3. c) was not particularly child or pet-friendly.

We solved all these issues by developing a protective fabric coating (in varying degrees of protectiveness) that is every bit as safe as it is effective. As soon as your fabric arrives you can safely handle and use the product.

Endurepel TODAY

Endurepel is the face of our overarching brand of performance finishes. We have three levels of performance finishes, which are used for different textiles with different levels of protection. These performance finishes include features like soil and stain repellency and have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Coming soon…

An in-depth look at our three Endurepel finishes and how you can utilise them to make the most of your fabrics. Our Endurepel blog update will be posted on our website homepage and shared on social media, so stay tuned.

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